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The spirit and desire to improve are the same as in 1907, the face is the young and friendly one of Carlo Domenico Galise, heir to the family tradition that with him, for four generations, continues to live in the name of entrepreneurial initiative.

The history of Galise is the history of Corato and its socio-economic evolution. Always located in the heart of the city in Piazza Cesare Battisti 18-19, where the Palazzo del Comune stands, Galise has faced the passage of time by adapting its offer to the uses and customs of society, contributing to its progress.

Born as a retailer of high-quality hats, and later also of clothing, today specialized in leather goods, accessories, luggage and writing instruments.

In 1979 it expanded its premises to the headquarters in Piazza Matteotti 9, today dedicated to office objects and luggage.


Galise dal 1907


In 2004, the final handover of the baton to Carlo Domenico Galise, a faithful and innovative interpreter of the family values ​​and his entrepreneurial foresight, so much so that in 2014 he was registered in the Register of "HISTORY COMPANIES OF ITALY".

The Osservatorio Mete d'Italia, after careful analysis and with the supervision of an authoritative Honorary Committee, composed of representatives of important national bodies and institutions, awarded Galise the honor of "AMBASSADOR" for the Puglia region in 2018, recognizing the representative virtuosity of companies that bring knowledge of their place of origin to Italy and abroad, respecting history, culture and tradition, that invest in the well-being and training of employees, for innovation and on the mandatory principle of courtesy towards their customers. Companies of the highest profile, ambassadors of an Italy that knows how to defend its roots and enhance excellence.

Galise is the fifth longest-running commercial activity in the Apulian territory for its history and continuity. And it is among the 35 shops that received the recognition as "HISTORICAL STORE HERITAGE OF PUGLIA" in 2023 for being a witness to history and tradition, but also a driving force of the economic fabric of the territory and a point of reference for entire generations and for the community in which it is located.

Today, as yesterday, Galise represents a point of reference for those who consider cordiality and professionalism primary elements together with an assortment of office and gift items, all of prestigious brands of which Galise is a reseller, of unquestionable elegance and quality.


Galise. Intertwining identity and innovation, for over 100 years.



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Galise dal 1097 

GALISE dal 1907

Leather Goods & Fashion Accessories

piazza Cesare Battisti 18, 19




Suitcases and Travel Accessories

piazza Matteotti 9